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The Calumet Center for Healing and Attachment (CCHA) is a faith-based, non-profit 501c3 organization that raises awareness in the community through education about mental health and substance use disorder. Aid is focused on women and their children through personal education and training to help them break the cycle of substance use disorder and regain control of their lives. CCHA‘s primary programs consist of a Community Living Residence and/or Outreach Services. While enrolled in either of these programs, clients may receive other supportive services, such as trauma-based counseling and support, parental support and family reunification, household establishment, assistance with obtaining employment, and individualized case management.
In early February Calumet Center for Healing and Attachment (CCHA) experienced their first CARF survey. CARF is the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities and CARF accreditation shows that an organization is committed to the population they serve and can provide the best services. As a result of the survey CCHA received the highest accreditation, which is 3 years.

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Merger with New Ventures, Inc.

CCHA recently merged with New Ventures, Inc. All of those involved in the merger recognized the synergy between the two organizations because the clients of CCHA needed the training that New Ventures was providing to obtain employment and many clients of New Ventures had trauma and mental health concerns as some of their barriers to employment. You can learn more about New Ventures and their mission on their website here.

Meet the Team

Calumet is run by a small, dedicated team.

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