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Strategic Plan

CCHA is dedicated to the success and growth of the clients we serve. Part of that dedication is a strategic plan to improve our services and our mission. 

Calumet Center for Healing & Attachment is still in its infancy but is already doing good work in the community.  As we continue to grow, we have already identified two areas that we would like to address as organizational goals.

The first is the participation in trauma counseling.  An integral part of our program at CCHA is trauma counseling, and this needs to be measured as an area associated with our success as an organization.  

The next area is the cessation of substance use disorder which is measured by the amount of “clean time” a client has while they are a client of CCHA.  In the treatment of substance use disorder, relapse is a considered to be a normal part of recovery.  According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, 40-60% of those being treated for substance use disorders will relapse (see, retrieved October 13, 2021).  However, relapse does not mean treatment has necessarily failed; it means the treatment needs to be modified, or another treatment needs to be instituted.  Without a long-term drug relapse prevention plan, most people will be unsuccessful in their attempts to remain sober (see, retrieved October 13, 2021). This is where CCHA comes in.  CCHA provides the framework and support for individuals in recovery to recognize those early signs of relapse and develop tools, healthy habits, and techniques for coping, so that our participants are equipped and empowered to not just live a life free of addiction, but to THRIVE in their recovery and all areas of their lives.

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